18 Reasons Why the iMRS Prime is the Best PEMF Therapy System

Reason 1: The iMRS Prime has Far Infrared (FIR)

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PEMF used in conjunction with Far Infrared generated at the same time increase the benefits of being either delivered separately. In two of the iMRS Prime systems (Hybrid and Trial), far infrared is built into the whole-body mat. State of the art FIR technology utilises Carbon Fibre flat applicators. The whole-body mat has an embedded carbon fibre mesh network that emits a range of approximately 3-15μm with an absorption resonance depth of (50-75mm).

When infrared is used with PEMF therapy there are additional benefits. The person being treated will fundamentally receive a broader spectrum of frequencies when these two modalities are combined. Two therapies in combination significantly increase the potentials for improved health and wellbeing.

Far infrared may help acute problems more quickly than PEMF therapy. Therefore, it has been suggested to use infrared first and follow that with PEMF treatment. Now with the introduction of a full-body mat with the two systems built into the same mat, both therapies can be applied at the same time.

Unlike the heat and sweating you get from a Far Infra-Red sauna; users experience a gentle warmth spreading out through the body on top of the existing relaxation coming from the PEMF. Add on the Exagon Brain (brain entrainment) system and you have an extremely relaxing treatment in which stress and anxiety can melt away.

Reason 2: The iMRS Prime has 7 Fast Start Programmes (available in all iMRS Prime systems)

The iMRS Prime’s Fast Start Programmes start with a couple of quick taps on the touch screen! All Fast Start Programs are designed for ease of use making holistic applications very simple and highly effective on a daily basis. All Fast Start Programs are automatically aligned and synchronized with the Exagon Brain if it is connected and activated!

Choose your experience from seven bundles of intensity, duration and frequencies.

The 7 Programmes are:
Activation: Be fully awake, alert and focused for the day
Performance: Build stamina before exercise or a project
Regeneration: Deepen the body’s healing potential
Relaxation: Wind down after exercise or a stressful day
Balance: Re-balance the body and brain with all the frequencies
Sleep: Prepare for a deep and restful sleep
Solfeggio Scale 9: se the healing frequencies associated with ancient spiritual music
[The Solfeggio Scale 9 contains of the following frequencies:
174 Hz, 285 Hz, 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, 852 Hz, 963 Hz]

Reason 3: The iMRS Prime Split Mode – Two PEMF Systems in One!

The iMRS prime is the world’s first PEMF System allowing two stand-alone PEMF applicators on full power with only ONE control unit. The Split Mode divides the touchscreen into two operating interfaces that allows setting two independent treatment parameters (time, intensity, frequency and applicator) for each session using full signal strength on each applicator.

The connector box of the iMRS prime provides 6 applicator ports (3 on each side) and contains 2, equally powered D/A converters.

Available in the iMRS Prime Expert, Hybrid and Trial, the first advantage of Split Mode is that two users can get treatments at the same time — no more waiting on someone to complete their session in the morning or at bedtime! In effect, the Split Mode means you can have two independent PEMF systems within one double package: the control unit and connector box are shared, so you only pay extra for the additional applicators and accessories.

The second advantage is that one user can use two applicators at the same time, reducing the time spent on duplicated treatments (for instance with two arthritic knees).

Reason 4: The iMRS Prime iGuide with over 300 Pre-programmed Conditions

Based on over 20 years of research, the iGuide is available in the Prime Expert, Hybrid and Trial systems. The iGuide is an alphabetically arranged database of health conditions with the optimal settings (applicator, time and intensity). This has obvious value for therapists and clinics but has also proven popular with many home users.

Whether for yourself or someone else, to help support you in dealing with a specific health challenge, you can scroll through the iGuide list and pick the condition and the applicator you want to use. The system will then start a session based on the parameters that over many years we’ve found most effective in such cases.

This takes the guesswork out of which intensities to use and how long to do each session. You have over 300 conditions programmed into your unit that covers most everything. The iGuide provides settings (time and intensity suggestions) for the Exagon mat, Exagon pad and the Exagon Spot applicators.

Reason 5: The iMRS Prime has the Exagon Sense – an Advanced Biofeedback System

The Exagon Sense measures HRV (heart rate variability) and SPO2 (blood oxygen saturation) levels.

This is one the biggest distinguishing features between the iMRS and anything else on the market. The iMRS automatically adjusts the full body mat intensity based on what your body needs. It takes all the guesswork out of which intensity to use. It uses a heart rate variability algorithm. Over time, the Exagon Sense biofeedback system technology, in combination with the iMRS Prime applicators, can help to train and improve your personal HRV by creating homeostasis in the body.

NOTE: HRV is not a measure of your heart rate, but rather it is a measure of the time between consecutive heartbeats called IBI's (inter-beat intervals). In essence, HRV as a measure of the health of the central nervous system of the individual and how well one can handle and adapt to stress. Research has shown HRV is one of the most important biomarkers of health!

The iMRS Prime utilises Kubios HRV software, which is the market leader in heart rate variability software analysis for scientific research and professional use. After each session, the Exagon Sense will show you a detailed graph and analysis of your HRV so you can view your HRV and see how it improves over time.

Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) and Readout with Each Session (Also with Exagon Sense)

Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) is a measure of the amount of oxygen in the blood. A normal reading is typically between 95% and 100%. A below-normal blood oxygen level is called hypoxemia. Hypoxemia (low oxygen) is often cause for concern.

Oxygen Saturation Increases 2-3% with the iMRS Prime after a 10-Minute session.

Reason 6: The iMRS Prime has an integrated light, sound & colour system (Exagon Brain)

The Exagon Brain is a brain entrainment system that uses light and sound frequencies that are synchronised with the full body mat. It helps to harmonise both hemispheres of the brain so you feel more balanced and peaceful. It may help to improve your creativity and intelligence.

The Exagon Brain is simple to use. Just lay on the Exagon mat, put on the goggles, then breath deep and relax. Soon you will begin to feel your body becoming more energized and rejuvenated.

These benefits equal and rival traditional meditation. Brainwave Entrainment is a reliable, predictable and consistent tool that harmonise various areas of your brain at once. With regular practice, new neural connections begin to form between the two hemispheres for cumulative and long-term benefits.

Reason 7: The iMRS Prime uses proven Earth-based frequencies and earth-based intensities.

The Earth-based .1 - 30 Hz (cycles per second) frequency range is also the most proven frequency range based on research in thousands of clinical studies on PEMF. The Schumann Resonance with its naturally occurring harmonics (like octaves with sound waves) is roughly 7.83 Hz. The geomagnetic frequencies start in the very low sub-hertz and then tie in very nicely up to the Schumann Resonance and geomagnetic frequencies.

The iMRS Prime has four frequency settings adjusting automatically based on the time of day. This covers the entire spectrum of Earth-based frequencies. It’s not only the most natural and safe system, but it’s the most research proven.

Reason 8: The iMRS Prime has a biological compatibility of intensities.

The iMRS Prime goes down to the natural nano-Tesla range of frequencies and voltages of the body’s cells. This is important for people who are chemically or environmentally sensitive and those with certain autoimmune disorders. Much of the research on certain conditions shows that the very low intensities seem to work much better for healing the body taking the homeopathic or naturopathic approach to attaining balance.

The iMRS generates field intensities high enough to go completely through the whole body. The iMRS electromagnetic field can extend up to a half a meter above the body depending on the intensity. The iMRS full body mat generates a field of 70 micro-Tesla and the Exagon Spot goes up to 120 micro-Tesla. As stated before, more is not better. Frequency resonance and cellular coherence are the keys to energising the cells to achieve homeostasis. This intensity range along with the frequencies has been proven to be safest by the ICNRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) and other leading agencies around the world.

Reason 9: The iMRS Prime has a built-in circadian rhythm clock - Biorhythm Clock

The biorhythm clock is unique to Swiss Bionic Solution PEMF systems and gives the entire organism the frequency spectrum it needs for the time of the day that the system is being used. The internal biorhythm clock automatically changes the frequency of the whole-body mat based upon the current time. This helps you receive a synchronous frequency. Between low delta and high beta, the brain operates in the same frequency ranges as the Earth-based frequencies. The iMRS gives you beta frequencies in the morning to energize you. In the evening you get the relaxing delta and theta frequencies… all automatically.

Reason 10: The iMRS uses 2 proven waveforms

The iMRS is the ONLY PEMF device providing two different wave forms – the triple sawtooth and the square wave.

The saw tooth waveform is one of the most researched waveforms along with the square wave. The research goes all the way back to the 1970’s with Dr. Bassett and all the original research on PEMF. The reason that it works so well is that the triple sawtooth generates bundles of frequencies and amplitudes that resonate with all the different tissues and cells, which all have different frequencies and voltages. You’re getting all the right frequencies and amplitudes (voltage). Different tissues respond and harmonise to different frequencies and voltages. Rapid rise and fall waveforms are the best for generating voltage potential and energisation of the cells.

Reason 11: The iMRS Prime generates a square wave on the Exagon Pad and Exagon Spot

The square wave (also known as the NASA wave) has a rapid rise and fall. Together with the saw tooth (used on the full body mat only) it’s one of the most researched and beneficial waveforms. The most notable study on the square wave is the study done by Dr. Goodwin with NASA. He found that a 10 Hz, low frequency, low intensity square wave was the most effective waveform for healing and regeneration.

Reason 12: The iMRS Prime uses large and pure copper coils

Perfectly round and tightly wound pure copper coils generate the highest quality signals. Think of the coils as speakers giving you the highest fidelity signal. The size of the coils is especially important. Most cheap systems have small diameter copper coils with verry little copper. Size of the coils does matter in relation to how much PEMF is delivered to the body. A 22 cm copper coil will deliver 121 times the amount of PEMF (flux density) as a 2 cm round coil in the same amount of time. You also get better higher harmonics with perfectly round coils. Some PEMF systems use a copper mesh or an oval pattern. Cheap systems use little copper and very small coils. The iMRS covers the full range of the Earth’s frequencies with a clean, pure signal.

Reason 13: The iMRS Prime full body mat uses a graduated intensity

Graduated intensities help the body absorb magnetic fields that mimic the earth’s natural graduated fields. The head and the neck and the torso are more sensitive than the legs. The full body mat takes these differences into account with graduated intensities in the whole-body mat. The field strength is stronger on the feet and legs and gradually diminishes as it goes up to the head.

Reason 14: The iMRS Prime switches polarity to reduce acclimation

The switching of polarity every two minutes helps to reduce habituation and acclimation within the cells in the body. The biofeedback, triple saw tooth and square waveform also helps to reduce habituation. The biofeedback (Exagon Sense) system automatically varies the field intensity according to changes in a HRV (heart rate variability). Of all the units on the market, the iMRS offers the most variation and the most flexibility, so it’s the one that you’re least likely to get acclimated. Like exercise it’s best to always varying a workout and so it is with PEMF.

Reason 15: The iMRS Prime plug filters out electro-smog

The plug filters out the 60 Hz AC signal at the wall. You get a clean DC signal going into the unit that is then modulated into the Earth-based frequencies and intensities.

Reason 16: You get full training and support

Bryant Meyers offers over 100 videos and many PDF’s on PEMF that provide hours of information and additional resources to support you on your learning curve with the iMRS and PEMF. His book, PEMF – The 5th Element, is available for free as a PDF or can be purchased online at many different locations. If you decided to become a distributor or practitioner, there is also a Swiss Bionics certification programme you will receive at no cost.

Reason 17: The iMRS Prime is produced by a well-established and reputable company

Swiss Bionic Solutions has been around since 1996. The system has been through six generations of improvement and is still continuing to evolve. The iMRS is one of the oldest and most proven PEMF systems in the world. The iMRS Prime has a three-year warranty. There is also direct Australian support and advice, which is only a phone call/email/text away.

Reason 18: The iMRS is fully compliant

The iMRS has FDA registration in the US, Health Canada approved and also leading safety and quality certificates in Europe. This means the iMRS has been thoroughly tested by third-party government agencies, so you know you’re getting the best quality and a safe device. The iMRS Prime and Omnium have recently passed global testing certification are currently pending TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved in Australia.

Certificates of Compliance

Swiss Bionic Solutions, the manufacturer of the iMRS Systems, fulfills all legally required standards for product safety and compliance for the distribution of PEMF devices for home and professional use within the designated countries.

In USA the iMRS-series is registered and regulated with the FDA.

In Canada, the iMRS series is certified by Health Canada.

In addition, all systems have a CE Certificate as well as a more advanced CB Certificate, which guarantees electronic safety and electromagnetic compatibility in the majority of countries including USA, Canada and Australia. Most PEMF devices on the market are not electronically certified to Australian standards.