iMRS Complete

iMRS Complete

USD $4,565+ GST

  • Control Unit
  • Power Plug with multi-country adapters
  • Owner's Manual
  • Whole Body applicator
  • Pillow applicator
  • Probe applicator

iMRS Complete Set

USD $5,505+ GST

  • iMORE bio-feedback finger sensor (Complete Set Only)
  • iSLRS audio-visual brainwave entrainment system (Complete Set Only)


  • Controller – 3 years
  • Applicators – Full Body Mat, Pad and Probe – 3 years
  • Accessories: Power Adapter, iSLRS, iMORE, Cable, etc. – 6 months

The iMRS whole body applicator uses 3 pairs of coils to deliver the electromagnetic pulsations to the entire body simultaneously. It automatically incorporates variances in the circadian rhythms of the human body with 4 different programs depending on the time of day the iMRS is used (Chinese Organ Clock). The whole body applicator is used to enhance circulatory effects and oxygen delivery, for improving energy, stamina and sleep, and for overall wellness. The whole body applicator generates a sawtooth electromagnetic waveform.

The pad applicator uses 1 pair of coils with an equal number of copper windings in each coil to generate two symmetrical electromagnetic field contours. It is commonly used to release tension in headaches and in the neck, shoulders, and lower back, to reduce muscle soreness after strenuous exercise or injury, and to support the lungs, pancreas, kidneys, liver, digestive tract and lower abdominal organs. The pad applicator can be used to assist in the relief of pain and discomfort in tendinitis, arthritis, plantar fascitis, bursitis and myofascitis.

The probe applicator is able to convert electrical impulses to the highest average peak intensity delivered by the iMRS – 300 microTesla. The whole body applicator and the pad applicator have a maximum average output of 45 microTesla. The probe is useful in concentrating a more intense square wave to smaller areas of the body; for example, the joints of the hand and feet, the sinuses, and the TMJ (jaw joint).