What is a PEMF Treatment Like?

A PEMF Therapy Session


please do not book a treatment if you:

  1. are pregnant
  2. have any implanted electronic devices
  3. have epilepsy

A PEMF treatment will last approximately 60 minutes, possibly longer depending on the individual circumstances. The first part of the treatment is to lay down on a full body mat for ten minutes where a natural magnetic field within the earth's biological window (.5 Hz to 15 Hz) is pulsed through your body (Hz = cycles per second). Most people feel absolutely nothing, Sometimes there's a slight tingling or warmth due to the increased circulation... otherwise, nothing is usually felt.

The second part of the PEMF session will look at providing a more localised application of the magnetic waves to specific areas of the body that may be experiencing difficulty using a pillow pad or the iMRS probe or wand. Both provide a means to apply the proven square-tooth magnetic wave while the full body mat uses a triple saw-tooth magnetic wave.

Treatment frequency can be every other day, every two days, once a week… it depends on the specific circumstances of each individual. I've had particular success treating people with a day in between treatments with four to six treatments before seeing a beneficial result in some of the people. After that then treatment frequency can then be reassessed.

People sometimes notice something after 3 to 6 treatments and therefore get a sense of the general direction the therapy is heading towards. Again, this can be very individual and doesn't work for everyone.

The treatment is inherently safe – only natural magnetic frequencies are used, which fall within the ‘biological window’ of the earth’s natural frequencies or .5 HZ– 15 Hz.

There are currently no known major side effects of PEMF therapy using low frequencies and magnetic intensities of the earth's natural frequencies throughout the body. This is well over a twently-year span of time and millions of PEMF treatments. The only minor effect to be aware of is the potential for a “Herxheimer” response. Basically, it's detoxing at a rate faster than your body’s ability to eliminate the toxins. This can cause short-term flu-like symptoms, fatigue or headaches. Detoxification can also happen when someone buys their own PEMF device and spends far too much time on the mat at the beginning. One of the benefits of PEMF is that the cells will begin to work more efficiently and another one of the effects is detoxifying quicker. To mitigate this circumstance we recommend drinking lots of water before and after a PEMF treatment and don't lie on the full body mat for over ten minutes.

Here's what some people say they experience after a treatment session.

  • Less pain
  • Greater range of motion in joints
  • Increased energy
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Improved sleep

Please note that any improvements, can usually last from 4 hours to 6 hours... sometimes longer.

It depends on the severity of any condition, your overall health, your lifestyle and other variables. Repeated sessions tend to extend the length of improvement.