PEMF Therapy Testimonials

Choosing a PEMF System & My Personal Experience with PEMF Therapy

I initially researched PEMF devices for over three months online and spoke to a few people who had personal experiences with PEMF systems and/or were marketing a particular device. There weren’t many people at all with any experience with PEMF in Australia, or at least, I couldn’t find them. Initially it is very confusing to say the least. There are many manufacturers out there saying this and that so I read Bryant Meyer’s book, “PEMF – The 5th Element of Health,” which I found to be very informative. Bryant has a nice balance with being a professor of physics while also being a nutritionist with a holistic approach to healing the body. In the end, I listened to hours and hours of testimonials and lectures on PEMF on YouTube, which I found to give me the best grounding in what was out there and what seemed to work.

After the months of investigation, I made two basic decisions. The first was to only look at systems that were designed and manufactured in Europe. Europe was the first to adopt this technology. This is decades before North America. Germany and Switzerland are by far the leaders. That’s not to say that there are not any exceptions, but for the most part, this seemed to be the overall trend.

The second decision was to choose a device that generated magnetic frequencies within the ‘biological window' or earth frequencies. By the biological window, I mean frequencies that stay within the realm of the Earth-based and natural frequencies produced by Mother Nature. It is common sense to me that these are the frequencies we need to resonant with to bring our bodies back to its natural balance and not go beyond the ‘natural frequencies’ we’ve evolved to over thousands of years.

The Swiss Bionic Solutions iMRS system sets itself apart from the competition in many ways in my opinion. It comes with a biofeedback accessory (finger sensor) that monitors heart rate variability and blood oxygen levels, which in turn automatically adjusts the magnetic field intensity or flux density for every individual treatment. This is one the biggest distinguishing features. The biofeedback also helps to reduce habituation and along with reversing polarity every two minutes, which reduces acclimation. I eventually purchased several other German and European PEMF devices and there’s a marked difference in the quality of manufacture with the iMRS. It is the proverbial German brick dunny. I would never buy a full body mat or smaller pad you couldn’t wipe off easily. You can clean the medical grade vinyl of the iMRS but I don’t have any idea how you would clean the cloth-like covering on two other German made systems. It just doesn’t make any sense to use such material.

Another major feature I like about the iMRS system is that the full body mat generates a sawtooth wave. The sawtooth wave bundles frequencies and amplitudes that generate many different frequencies, which resonate with the different tissue and cell frequencies. The pillow pad and probe generate a square wave. The square wave has a rapid rise and fall. Together with the sawtooth, it’s one of the most researched and effective waveforms. The most notable study on the square wave is the study done by Dr. Goodwin with NASA. He found that a 10 Hz, low frequency, low-intensity square wave was the most effective waveform for healing and regeneration.

My Personal Experience

I’m a male over seventy and I was in a boat accident nearly twenty-seven years ago where I broke my back. My sacrum, the large triangular-shaped bone at the base of my spine, was sheared completely in two and one part was shifted forward and out of alignment the width of the bone. I experienced extreme pain and the orthopaedic specialists said there was nothing that could be done as the major sacral nerves and blood vessels literally ran through four openings on each side of the sacrum. I was on crutches for seven months with pain levels of seven to ten. While the major pain finally subsided after about nine months, I was left with chronic pain and stiffness that ebbed and waned in varying degrees over the years. It was always there and I thought it always would be. I tried every complementary or alternative therapy I could find and different practitioners doing the same but nothing lasted. I spent thousands of dollars over those years. I was always seeing someone about my back at a minimum of at least once every two weeks over twenty-six years.

I finally had to purchase a system four years ago as I could not find anyone in the Melbourne area that offered treatments. I started doing treatments twice a day on the full body mat and the pillow pad. At the end of the first week the symptoms were 90% gone. The important point is that it has stayed that way ever since over four years. To top that, I now sleep about one to one and a half hours less and rarely get up in the middle of the night (I used to at least once – sometimes twice). Also, when I wake up, I feel much more refreshed and wider awake. There’s no sleep inertia like there used to be where it took me awhile to become fully awake and aware. I still do treatments once or twice a day for about a half hour.

My twelve-year-old cat was suffering from osteoarthritis and though I had been treating her with Fish Oil and acupuncture sessions her symptoms were persistent even after treatment. She was very grumpy and did not like being touched on her back. I decided to try her on our IMRS PEMF system. I set up the pad with a heater in front of it to make her comfortable. I ran the IMRS for 10 minutes at 25% intensity. My cat lay on the pad comfortably and she stayed for the full 10 minutes. Over the next two weeks, we gave her IMRS sessions every evening. When she saw the IMRS pad set up she would walk over and sit on it as if in anticipation of the coming treatment. After her third treatment, she started getting up after five minutes and walking off giving me the impression that she had enough. I noticed that after those first three sessions she had improved significantly. She was more active and the sensitivity on her back was reduced. Over the last couple of months, the improvement has been substantial. My cat is much more active and friendly. She is obviously feeling less discomfort and gained back some of her mobility. I am really grateful that I found the IMRS... it has made an immeasurable difference to the health and wellbeing of my family.

Doreen from Melbourne, Australia 22/08/2018

It is with pleasure that I endorse the benefits of Swiss Bionics Solutions’ iMRS PEMF system.

I have been using the iMRS Wellfit system since the beginning of this year, and within a few days, it started to work on my Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), which is now 90% improved. I was diagnosed with COPD six years ago.

I was in a motor vehicle accident, which resulted in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. The accident happened thirteen years ago. I have suffered from on-going headaches, balance issues, brain fog and chronic mental fatigue. I normally became very exhausted every day by the middle of the afternoon and had to recuperate. The iMRS treatment has greatly improved my quality of life, by substantially reducing fatigue and improving my overall cognitive functions, even at this early stage of 3 months treatment. I no longer need my rest in the afternoon.

I also felt occasional gentle aches in my digestive system, which have disappeared and I now have increased energy. I also had the auto immune disease, Polymyalgia Rheumatica several years ago and symptoms were still prevalent, however, the iMRS has eliminated all joint and muscle pain.

I now have clear vision, particularly at night, with no more halos around lights, due to the onset of age-related clouding cataracts. I have been dealing with the onset of cataracts for nearly fifteen years and was told I would need an operation once they deteriorated to a certain level.

My friends have noticed a big change in my skin and health, and the iMRS Organic Clock function is giving me beautiful deep sleep.

I highly recommend Swiss Bionics IMRS for restoring and maintaining whole body health.

Paul Ansted age 74, Maitland NSW

My name is Keith and I live in Brisbane. For the last 8 years I have endured chronic pain during the day as well as at night with a back injury at age 22 which caused a bulging disc in my L3/L4 lower back vertebrae. It has continued giving me interrupted sleep, even after taking mild pain killers. I tried physiotherapy, chiropractics and even injections to the spine as well as PRP treatments (Platelet-Rich-Plasma). None have worked! I was looking for an alternative which would ease my painful aching back and perhaps help mend the disc instead of reaching for pharmaceuticals that would give me bad side-effects. In searching the Internet I came across a system called Swiss Bionics Solutions’ iMRS PEMF system that utilised electro-magnetic fields in conjunction with the natural electro-magnetic waves of Earth. I ordered and read the book written by Bryant Meyers – PEMF – The Fifth Element, which explained exactly how the body can heal itself when using these pulsating electromagnetic waves. I then contacted Gary Woolums in Victoria who was, at that time, the only distributor of this system in Australia. The system includes a 6 foot mat, a pillow and a probe. I was initially hesitant in purchasing this system due to the cost. But I’m now fully convinced it was the best investment I have ever made in the upkeep of my health.

Within a week of using this system I was getting deep solid night sleeps and the pain in my back has become almost non-existent. My energy levels have also greatly increased. The system has been developed and tested over a couple of decades in Europe and the company now has up to 280 ill- health conditions listed to which the system can be applied.

My chronic carpel tunnel, which I have had since 2012 has now disappeared after using the PEMF probe for several weeks and the tinnitus, which I also had for five years, has now gone after six weeks of PEMF treatment using the pillow. I have also applied it to my bursitis, as well as a strained calf muscle in the second stage with healing success. My high blood pressure and my high blood sugar levels have reached lower levels than the medication I am taking to stabilise my levels. And another added bonus is that my bone joints feel like they have been lubricated with Teflon.

I highly recommend this system to those who have been suffering for years without any success of healing and have outlaid thousands of dollars. The healing is all to do with increasing the oxygen levels by expanding the blood vessels, unsticking the blood platelets and increasing the blood flow, to regenerate naturally the cells within the body. This retards the aging process by energising our cells and greatly assisting to repair damaged tissue. This system has been a blessing to me.

Cheers - Keith

In December 2018 I twisted my left knee causing great pain and the more I walked the more the pain increased. I started to go to the physio every week, which helped but did not fix the problem. In my youth, I played football and during one match a player tripped and head-butted into my right knee tearing many ligaments and after many years the cartilage has worn down so my left knee was my good one.

I went on a cruise in January and after returning put up with the pain using a walking stick to get around, until April when I finally went to the orthopaedic surgeon to talk about Knee replacement, being only 64 he said I was too young and while I still worked part-time as an electrician he would not consider surgery at the moment even though the MRI showed torn Cruciate ligaments and worn out meniscus in both knees with bone on bone wearing, so as I had a big job to finish I just had to put up with the pain by July I was using crutches to get around very hard to crawl through a roof while using crutches let me tell you.

In July I heard about the iMRS PEMF Machine I was very sceptical but my wife pushed me to try it as she could me coming home every night in agony after working all day and packing my knees with ice to reduce the swelling so I could go to work again the next day.

After a week of using the machine three times a day the pain and swelling had decreased and after three weeks I was not using even the walking stick. While I am not cured I am now mostly pain-free most days unless I do too much running around or standing still for too long. Now in September I only use the machine before going to bed unless I have a big job to do, then I will use it in the morning before I go out to work.

John - Tamborine Qld