Recharging your life book
Recharging your life
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Rent a PEMF system for one week and get the 2nd week for Free

Shipping additional to anywhere in Australia - give suburb  and postcode for a quote

The rental period may be extended at an additional
$165 per week


What is PEMF Therapy?

All cells in the body have a natural charge or voltage, which can be lower in people with chronic illness and injuries. Your voltage also lowers as you age. PEMF therapy recharges the cells in the body, much like charging a battery. Once the body’s cells are working more efficiently, healing is improved on a cellular level.

While PEMF Therapy is relatively new in Australia, it has been used in hospitals in Germany and Europe for over twenty-five years. PEMF is backed by thousands of clinical studies. In the USA, PEMF Therapy is FDA approved for brain cancer, depression, incontinence, as well as non-union bone fractures that won’t heal.

What is PEMF Therapy?
proven results

Proven Results

easy to use

Easy to Use



Rent a system for just $165 per week.

Experience the benefits of PEMF therapy without the investment of buying a system. Our rental systems can be shipped Australia-wide.

iMRS PEMF Systems

iMRS systems are five-star PEMF therapy machines. Made in Germany for over 28 years, they are the only low frequency and low-intensity PEMF therapy systems that generate two to five different waveforms and have far-infrared built into the full-body mat.

Unlike other machines, they also allow you to operate two different PEMF applicators on full power, at the same time. Optional extras include integrated brain entrainment and biofeedback systems.

The iMRS Prime PEMF therapy systems are pending TGA Approval as a Class 2 Medical Device in Australia.

iMRS PEMF Systems


Buy Now, Pay Later with Payment Plans

Payment plans from $5,000 to $20,000 can help fund your PEMF system today. No hidden fees. Competitive interest rates with affordable, flexible repayments. Quotation based on your personal circumstances. Easy application process. Full credit and financial assessment prior to acceptance. Enquire today!


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Gold Standard of PEMF Systems for Home and Professional Use 

 The iMRS prime Expert System on sale with of over AUD $3,200 in savings off the retail price this month only.

Save over AUD $3,200!

About PEMF
Therapy Australia

In 2017, Gary discovered PEMF therapy. After extensive research on PEMF devices, he purchased his first iMRS PEMF System from Swiss Bionic Solutions. Gary’s chronic back pain of over 26 years faded away after just 2 weeks and has never come back. He consistently uses PEMF every day.

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NASA’s four-year study on PEMF (2003-2007) concluded that PEMF is perfectly safe when used at low frequency (10 Hz) with a square waveform.

They also found that neural tissue growth increased 250% to 400%.


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