PEMF Therapy Australia

Since 2017, PEMF Therapy Australia has been distributing iMRS PEMF systems.
Based in Melbourne Australia, our company is one of the leading distributors of world-class PEMF machines by Swiss Bionic Solutions.

PEMF Sales


iMRS Prime and Omnium 1 PEMF systems manufactured in Germany by Swiss Bionic Solutions.

PEMF Clinic


PEMF sessions in our Melbourne Clinic are a great way to find out whether PEMF is right for you.

PEMF Rentals


Rent a PEMF system for as long as you need and do twice daily treatments in your own home.

Gary Woolums - Certified Practitioner

Gary Woolums

PEMF Practitioner

An experienced and certified practitioner, Gary has been providing low intensity, low frequency PEMF therapy for over five years.

Treatments are available at Gary's clinic in Melbourne Australia. Gary also provides phone consultation, PEMF practitioner training and support, PEMF system rentals and PEMF system sales.

Gary is double certified by Dr. William Pawluk’s PEMF Training Academy in the US along with two certifications from The Association of PEMF Professionals in the US. He is also a Certified PEMF Health Technician by Swiss Bionic Solutions’ PEMF Prime Academy Course.

After injuring his back in a serious accident, Gary tried many alternative therapies. Chiropractors, acupuncture, physios, massage therapies, NIS, NET, EFT, and the like provided no lasting results. After living with chronic pain for over 26 years, Gary finally discovered PEMF.

Gary’s back pain faded away after just 2 weeks of using an iMRS PEMF therapy machine from Swiss Bionic Solutions. Gary's back has not troubled him since. He has used his PEMF machine twice daily since 2017.

Gary’s Certifications

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Buy Now, Pay Later with Payment Plans

Payment plans from $5,000 to $20,000 can help fund your PEMF system today. No hidden fees. Competitive interest rates with affordable, flexible repayments. Quotation based on your personal circumstances. Easy application process. Full credit and financial assessment prior to acceptance. Enquire today!

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Faster wound healing

wound healing

PEMF treatment - Faster bone healing

bone healing

Pain Treatment


PEMF Treatment - Enhanced Wellbeing


PEMF therapy for Anti-aging

Swiss Bionic Solutions

Swiss Bionic Solutions is a globally organised company focused on integrated wellness. Swiss design and German  manufacturing make their PEMF systems some of the best in the World.

Based in Switzerland, Swiss Bionic Solutions has locations in
Germany, Florida USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore. The company develops and distributes PEMF systems for in-home and professional use and has sold over 2 million PEMF machines since its start-up 25+ years ago.


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