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Please click on the link above to view
the rental agreement's T's & C's


Please click on the link above to view the rental agreement's T's & C's

PEMF Rentals

People ask me if PEMF therapy can help them or a loved one. The best way to find out is to have a series of treatments, or better yet, rent a system. Renting a PEMF system means you can charge your cells on a daily basis in your own home. It's very easy to do and a treatment last four to six hours. Therefore, to see the quickest results, it's best to treat the body twice a day. It's far more economical and time saving than going in to pay for individual treatments from a practitioner.

PEMF rentals are just $165 per week

Get TWO weeks of a PEMF rental system for the price of ONE Week. Each additional week is $165 per week. Limited Time Offer!

  • Rental period may be extended up to 6 weeks.
  • $500 refundable security bond with each
    PEMF system rental.
  • Systems shipped to all of Australia (shipping
    quoted by suburb & postcode).

If you'd like specific info on renting or to discuss your health concerns then please fill out the form below...


    How long does it take for PEMF to work?

    It depends on the person and individual factors such as age, physical condition, lifestyle, mental approach to life, stress levels and other variables. Your body does not repair itself overnight. Some people notice benefits after the first treatment while others may take weeks or even months. We recommend renting one of our iMRS Professional PEMF Systems for at least two weeks to give it a fair go.
    The system is very easy to use and there is free on-going phone support during the rental period from an experienced and certified PEMF professional.

    iMRS Professional System

    The iMRS Professional rental system comes with a control unit, full-body mat, pillow pad applicator and a probe for local or focused PEMF applications. The three applicators will offer you the full line of PEMF treatment options, waveforms, frequencies and intensities in the convenience of your own home. 

    Set-up & Support

    Low frequency and low-intensity PEMF machines are very easy to use and perfectly safe. Just set the time and intensity on a digital numeric display. A simple video is available for setup.
    Despite the simple interface on iMRS systems, we understand that timely advice is crucial to getting good results. Therefore, our team helps with setup and support via email and/or phone. For the duration of your rental, our experts are available via telephone from within Australia for all your questions and support needs.

    Purchase a system

    If you choose to purchase an iMRS PEMF Prime System at the completion of your PEMF rental, simply return the rental system (your deposit will be fully refunded) and a brand new Prime system will be shipped to you on receipt of payment. Systems are usually delivered within four business days after receipt of payment. Call 0452 527 284 if you have any questions about a potential purchase.


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