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PEMF assists with the body’s natural healing process. Sessions can be done in a PEMF clinic or the comfort of your own home. Our clinic is based in Bundoora in northern Melbourne, Australia. PEMF sessions are conducted by a triple certified PEMF practitioner.

PEMF therapy for Anti-aging

A PEMF session uses pulsed electromagnetic therapy to assist the body’s natural healing process. Thanks to thousands of studies conducted around the world, we know that PEMF improves wellbeing in humans and animals with many documented health benefits.

Most sessions take around forty-five minutes to an hour depending on the person’s condition. Our qualified practitioner will treat the body in two ways, first using our full-body mat and second using a focused applicator on a localised, problem area.

The treatment is further enhanced using the far infrared and brain entrainment systems on our state-of-the-art iMRS PEMF systems.

PEMF treatment sessions $80 for two people at the same time.

Simply provide your details below and we'll be in touch to organise a treatment.  Our PEMF clinic is located in Bundoora, VIC Australia.

Or call to make an appointment - 0452 527 284

    PEMF sessions are a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Most people don’t feel anything with low-intensity and low-frequency PEMF machines. The subtle waves in PEMF mimic the earth’s natural magnetic field, gently realigning the body’s internal electromagnetic system through natural resonance, coherence and harmonics.

    PEMF therapy is a systematic approach to treating the whole body, knowing that a problem with the body is not necessarily isolated to a single area of pain or concern.

    A one hour session in our clinic costs $80 for two people at the same time and is a great way to experience PEMF for the first time. We also provide fantastic rental options for daily sessions in the comfort of your own home.

    PEMF sessions a pleasant and enjoyable experience

    Are PEMF Treatments Safe?

    Yes! Low intensity, low frequency PEMF is perfectly safe and has no side effects in 95% of users that comply with standard protocols. We recommend ensuring that the body is well hydrated for maximum efficacy and also to avoid dehydration. PEMF sessions are not recommended for people that are pregnant, epileptic or have implanted battery-operated devices, such as pacemakers.

    Faster wound healing

    wound healing

    PEMF treatment - Faster bone healing

    bone healing

    Pain Treatment


    PEMF Treatment - Enhanced Wellbeing


    Gary Woolums - Certified Practitioner

    Gary Woolums

    PEMF Practitioner

    An experienced and certified practitioner, Gary has been providing low intensity, low frequency PEMF therapy for over five years. Treatments are available at his clinic in Bundoora in the northern part of Melbourne, Australia.

    Gary is double certified by Dr. William Pawluk’s PEMF Training Academy in the US and has two certifications from The Association of PEMF Professionals (USA). He is also a Certified PEMF Health Technician (PEMF Prime Academy Course by Swiss Bionic Solutions) and is a registered NDIS provider.

    After injuring his back in a serious accident, Gary tried many alternative therapies including chiropractors, acupuncture, physios, massage therapies, NIS, NET, EFT, and many more. After living with chronic pain for over 26 years, Gary finally discovered PEMF.

    After 2 weeks of using a iMRS PEMF therapy machine from Swiss Bionic Solutions, Gary’s back pain faded away. Gary has now lived pain free since 2017 by using his PEMF system twice a day.



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