Many athletes at all levels use Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy for sports recovery. PEMF literally recharges their cells, which opens up and rebalances the bioelectrical networks of the meridians. This has been shown to speed up recovery from injuries and physical exertion. Recognised for its benefits in enhancing athletic performance, as well as reducing downtime, PEMF has been one of the best kept secrets in professional sports for many years.

proven results

Proven Results

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Easy to Use



The Benefits of PEMF for Sports Recovery

PEMF provides a distinct advantage. It’s safe, legal and involves non-invasive electromagnetic waves that penetrate every cell in the body to recharge the cells.

Professional athletes involved in the Tour de France, the National Football League (NFL), the National Basketball Association (NBA), the US Swimming Team, Major League Baseball and many others benefit from PEMF Therapy.

The benefits of PEMF in Sports include:

  1. Flushes lactic acid faster to reduce soreness, spasms and cramping
  2. Reduces inflammation for faster recovery from injury
  3. Increases circulation, oxygenation and blood flow
  4. Optimises performance potentials
  5. Enhances mental clarity, focus and concentration
  6. Increases flexibility and range of motion
  7. Increases ATP production
  8. Improves sleep

PEMF devices are portable and easy to use, making them practical for athletes, physios, trainers and coaches.

5 Key Benefits of PEMF

Pain Treatment


PEMF treatment - Faster bone healing


Faster wound healing


PEMF Treatment - Enhanced Wellbeing



How PEMF Works for Athlete Recovery

Professional athletes and coaches in all sports praise the benefits of PEMF, claiming the therapy improves performance and hastens recovery from injury, workouts and athletic performance.

There have been many studies on the effects of a pulsed electromagnetic field on red blood cells, which transport oxygen and carbon dioxide around the body. Healthy red blood cells are essential for athletic performance and endurance.

PEMF therapy reduces a condition referred to as the Rouleaux effect (sticky blood syndrome) where red blood cells clump together. This clumping reduces their capacity to pass through the microcapillaries, which feed all the organs and tissues in the body.

In a study conducted by Barbara J Bain in 2006 at the Imperial College of London, just two red blood cells stuck together can reduce cellular efficiency by 71%. Reduced oxygen intake impacts athletic performance and slows physiological and mental recovery. It also lowers ATP production as it is highly dependent on oxygen.

Every human cell is like a battery with an inner positive and an outer negative charge on the cell membrane. If the outer cell membrane doesn’t have a high enough charge, then the cells will stick or clump together (Rouleaux effect or sticky blood). Like charges repel each other, but if the charge isn’t at or above the necessary threshold, they stick together.

Sticky blood or the Rouleaux effect is the result of the body not having a high enough charge or voltage to keep the cells separated. This is also a direct measure of the pH of the body being too acidic. The Rouleaux effect is found in everyone of all ages, whether you are feeling healthy or unwell.

After approximately a ten minute PEMF session, the charging pulsed electromagnetic waves separate the red blood cells. Once the red blood cells charge potential meets or exceeds the necessary threshold, then the red blood cells separate. This increases the efficiency of circulation, oxygenation and general energy.

The effect of PEMF on athletes can last four to six hours or more, depending on lifestyle, body hydration and various other individual lifestyle variables along with the current metabolic dynamics. This is very comparable to charging a battery on one level.

“Lying on the magnetic field helps the overexerted muscles and tissues to recover more quickly. We studied the effect and both the lab results and the athletes themselves confirmed that the capacity for regeneration improved.”

Dr. Beat Villiger, Manager of the Swiss Olympic Medical Team

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