Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and Anti-aging

Aging is an evolutionary process that can affect people in many different ways depending on personal lifestyle, diet, stress, genetics, environmental influences (toxins) and attitude. Everything is connected: Body, Mind, Spirit and the Earth. On one level, a major part of aging appears to center around basic levels of energy or specifically voltage that a person possesses. We’ve all seen older people with lots of energy… they can appear to be healthier and younger than someone who has far less ‘energy.’

Take this down to a cellular level and we see that a part of aging has to do with cellular metabolism. Research shows that PEMF therapy may slow down the aging process at the cellular level in some people. Simply put, PEMF may charge and maintain cellular voltage at a healthy level, thus allowing the cell membrane to become more permeable and to work more efficiently. This could facilitate the absorption of oxygen from which we get 80% to 90% of our cellular energy (Dr. Frank Shallenberger). Cells are comprised of a high percentage of water. It’s a fundamental physical law that a fluid is able to hold more oxygen when it maintains a higher voltage. PEMF may supply the added voltage. Along with energy (voltage) we also need oxygen to fuel cellular metabolism. In one clinical study, PEMF therapy has repeatedly shown to increase oxygen transfer and absorption.

Whether it is healing, maintenance or anti-aging there are fundamentally four things required to get well or maintain your health:

  1. You need the proper energy level... and in this case, 'energy' is the proper cellular voltage level. PEMF therapy may increase cellular voltage in some people.
  2. You need the proper building blocks to make new healthy cells. This means a healthy diet and possibly nutritional supplements that may be lacking in the body. PEMF may increase nutritional absorption along with water and oxygen, plus it also may help the body to rid itself of toxins more efficiently.
  3. You need to identify and eliminate any imbalances that are toxic to all systems of the body, whether physical, emotional or mental.
  4. You have to really want to get better. Many people receive some kind of emotional or mental reward due to their poor health, even if it's going to kill them.

PEMF may also increase the absorption of nutrients and water. At the same time, increasing cellular efficiency may also improve the elimination of carbon dioxide and toxins. Detoxification is the only minor side-effect that needs to be monitored when using PEMF, especially on a full body mat. This is usually manifested by symptoms of fatigue, low energy or headaches but usually doesn't last too long.

One of the major benefits of PEMF is that magnetic waves penetrate and pass completely through every cell in the body... right down to the bone marrow.

For over thirty years, there have been thousands of research studies done on pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Over thiry-five hundred double-blind studies to mitigate the placebo effect. All up, over eight thousand independent clinical studies, PEMF is approved the FDA and has been used in hospitals for over 15 years in Europe.

PEMF may increase oxygen content in the body. Oxygen stress or starvation occurs in the body as cells age. Bear in mind that cells are constantly being replaced, some as often as every forty-eight hours. You get a completely new body every six to seven years. The important thing to note is that cells have a tendency to reproduce themselves as a copy of an existing cell. Therefore, if you have a poor copy, i.e., a cell with low energy that doesn’t function to the level it’s capable of, then you will produce more cells at that same level.

PEMF Therapy may help to improve this. Natural pulsed electromagnetic fields may enhance the cells and in particular, red blood cells that carry the oxygen to all parts of the body. Darkfield microscopy shows that red blood cells when clumped together (called sticky blood or agglutination) will separate after eight to ten minutes of PEMF therapy. The tendency for red blood cells sticking together is also called the Rouleau effect. This clumping or agglutination can reduce the oxygen exchange to cells significantly. Two red blood cells stuck together reduce oxygen transfer by 74% and eight or more by up to 50%. lack of oxygen has been associated with almost every category of illness.

Eight minutes after a PEMF therapy session a microscope slide shows the red blood cells have completely separated. This may help to increasesthe oxygen exchange rate. Getting the right amount of oxygen is one of the keys to good health and longevity.

Oxygen therapy (hyperbaric chamber) is used to heal injuries or wounds much faster. One major difference between a hyperbaric chamber and PEMF therapy is that the body will maintain its charge... therefore its cellular efficiency for four to six hours after a PEMF treatment. The electromagnetic charge is held by the body while oxygen is quickly consumed.