How to Find a PEMF Therapy Practitioner

Find a PEMF Therapy Practitioner

I’ve been treating people with PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy for nearly six years. Like many people who have gotten into the field, I first found out about pulsed electromagnetic field therapy because I was searching for a personal solution for my lower back problem.

I had a twenty-six-year-old back from a serious accident in 1989 that just wouldn’t go away. I spent over forty thousand dollars over the years looking for a solution, but nothing lasted. I might get temporary relief, but soon the pain and stiffness would reappear. I had to purchase a system back then because I couldn’t find anyone that was doing treatments. After several months of research finally purchased my first  PEMF system.

After two weeks of two half-hour treatments each day, my chronic problem disappeared and I haven’t seen it reoccur at all. I still do PEMF every day, twice a day and I will continue to do so. Why? PEMF is a cellular charging system, and as we age, our voltage or charge decreases. Simple as that! If you’d seen what I’ve seen PEMF can do, you’d have a system for yourself and your family.

One quick and time-saving way to find a PEMF practitioner in your area is to call (0452 527 284) or email me at I’m in Melbourne but have trained practitioners all over Australia.

Another option you may not have considered is to rent a PEMF machine. Why? Because it’s the best option for you financially and to find out if PEMF therapy can help you. Going to get one or two PEMF treatments usually won’t give you much to go on. Healing takes time. That’s just old-fashioned common sense, which seems to have gone out of fashion.

Find a PEMF Therapy Practitioner

Questions to ask a therapist

  1. What type of PEMF system are you using… a high-intensity or a low-intensity system? If they can’t answer the first questions, then let that person go. See Two types of PEMF therapists below
  2. How does PEMF work? This is a good question for you to see if they can simply explain it.
  3. How long have you been treating people with PEMF?
  4. What kind of training have you had?
  5. What treatment protocols would you suggest for my specific condition?
  6. What does a treatment cost?
  7. Do you rent systems?

Two types of PEMF therapists plus PEMF distributors who only sell systems

There are two different types of PEMF therapy available based on the type of PEMF device they are using. There are high-intensity machines and low-intensity PEMF devices. Most likely, if the therapist is using high intensity, then they are probably using it on horses. 78% of high-intensity PEMF systems sold are used primarily used on horses according to the last marketing data. At the moment, far more PEMF therapy is done on horses. The world of horses is a relatively small and niched network in Australia. Therefore, communication is fairly effective if something comes into the market that gives benefits horses and is legal. For most practitioners using the high-intensity system, if they got any training, most of it would be about treating horses.

It seems the standard treatment protocol for high-intensity practitioners is to set the intensity right up to the level where people can just stand the induced electrical charge. There’s something not right about that in my book.

There are many people out there who can sell you a PEMF machine but know very little about PEMF in general, and have also had very little experience in treating people. Therefore, ask the questions noted previously. Also, if you purchase a system, you want to buy from someone that can support you with ongoing therapy questions for you, your family and your friends. If you buy directly from an international source like the US of Europe, you can forget about any kind of realistic service. Some none at all.

High-Intensity SystemsFind a PEMF Therapy Practitioner

For one of the most comprehensive reports of the dangers of high-intensity systems, I suggest you take the time to read this thorough and documented article by Bryant Meyers, author of PEMF – The Fifth Element, who has been in the Bioenergy Medicine field for over twenty-five years. By the way, have a look at him and guess his age. Bryant has been doing low-intensity PEMF for over 20 years. He’s 52.

I personally don’t and won’t use high-intensity PEMF, but do have one high-intensity system that I’ve personally tried, still have and don’t use. I’m just not comfortable with the whole idea and allopathic approach (more is better) to health. I’m definitely not comfortable when I hear people tell me that the high-intensity PEMF therapist used a treatment protocol of turning up the intensity to a point where the person just can stand it. What about resonance and coherence with the cells? Yes, it can help reduce pain. I know my system is perfectly safe, works and soon will be TGA approved in Australia.

Find a PEMF Therapy PractitionerI also have three practitioners that have both a high and low-intensity system in their practice. All three practitioners prefer low intensity as a general rule for patients. The high-intensity systems can quickly knock out pain, but according to Dr James Oschman, author of Energy Medicine – The Scientific Basis, this procedure numbs the neural receptors or is a masking agent just like a drug. It may be safer and have fewer side effects than a drug.

Low-Intensity Systems

I’ve written about my preference for low-intensity systems in a previous blog, so I will only summarise.

The intensity of an electromagnetic field in regard to PEMF therapy is a direct measurement of how much voltage is created in the body. High intensity equals a higher voltage and vice-versa for low intensity. There’s no getting around the fact that all cells in the body have a very low voltage, which is sixty times less than a AA battery. Wet your finger and thumb and press the ends of a AA battery and you’ll feel nothing. So, at sixty less voltage, you’re going to feel far less of nothing.

The cells in the body are just like a battery and have a measurable voltage. High-intensity systems go from hundreds to thousands of times higher than the voltage of the cell.

When you charge your car battery, would you match the voltage and charge it with 12 volts or would you charge it with 1,000 volts? Resonance and coherence is the key to health… not a big hammer! Choose your PEMF practitioner carefully.

If you would like to learn more about PEMF systems and how they can help you, please click below to book a treatment today!