70% of Australian employees suffer from chronic pain, low energy, poor sleep, brain fog, anxiety, depression and stress... as well as from the harmful effects of Wi-Fi, mobile phones and other forms of radiation that pervade our working environments. However, you can contribute to a healthier and more productive environment for your employees with PEMF therapy.

proven results

Proven Results

easy to use

Easy to Use



The Benefits of PEMF for Corporate Wellness

Natural low-frequency magnetic waves induce microcurrents within all cellular tissues.  This literally recharges the body’s cellular voltage. With the use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) for just 10 minutes a day, you will observe an overall increase in an employee's vitality.

  • An easy to use wellness solution
  • One iMRS System will treat 30-40 employees per day
  • Just 10 minutes once or twice a day
  • Easy to set up and doesn’t require much space
  • Employees notice fast results and love it
  • Reduces pains, absence, fatigue, anxiety, and more
  • Improves circulation, energy, sleep, mood, clarity, and focus
  • Over 2 million users worldwide
  • Made in Germany with Swiss engineering design

The iMRS PEMF system can be set up anywhere in the office. We recommend placing the full body mat on a massage table with a small stand close by for the controller.

5 Key Benefits of PEMF

Pain Treatment


PEMF treatment - Faster bone healing


Faster wound healing


PEMF Treatment - Enhanced Wellbeing



How PEMF Works

The mild electromagnetic current in PEMF aids the body’s natural systems to bring about balance. While stress, injury and illness lower the body’s natural charge, the microcurrents in PEMF increase the body’s natural recharge and oxygenate the cells. When the body is restored on a cellular level, people can experience increased energy, greater productivity, and enhanced endurance.

Fatigue has become a significant problem in the workplace. It can be caused by factors that are work-related or non-work related, such as physical exertion or sleep disturbances. However regardless of the cause, fatigue can heavily impact work performance. It can also adversely affect safety in the workplace by reducing alertness and increasing errors.

While stimulants, such as caffeine, sugar and energy drinks, can quickly make you feel fresh and focused, this energy tends to wane quickly. And while caffeine is usually safe in moderation, too much can have negative side effects, including anxiety, racing heart and headaches. Furthermore, relying on a morning coffee to wake you up can result in withdrawal, which can make a person drowsy and irritable.

In contrast, PEMF is a safe and effective way to revitalise your workforce. Swapping out the coffee machine for a PEMF system could positively impact wellbeing and your business bottom line. People previously lacking energy can notice a distinct improvement in feelings of wellbeing, focus, mood and concentration.

By re-energising the cells, PEMF therapy can improve blood flow, as well as oxygen transportation and the energy potential of red blood cells. Optimal blood flow makes us feel energised and clear headed as life-giving oxygen delivers nutrients to the brain, and carries away carbon dioxide, toxins, and metabolic waste products.

“Recent Australian statistics reveal that 92% of serious health or productivity issues in the workplace can be attributed to work-related stressors, fatigue and mental clarity. ”

(source: Safe Work Australia)

PEMF rentals are just $165 per week

Renting a PEMF System is a great way to see how PEMF works for you.

Simply provide your details here and we'll be in touch to answer all your queries about renting a PEMF system.

    T&C* PEMF rentals are just $165 per week. There is also a $500 fully refundable security bond with each PEMF rental.
    Systems can be shipped anywhere in Australia and are quoted by postcode.