iMRS Prime Components

"Electromagnetic energy is the fundamental energy upon which all living organisms depend." Dr Werner Heisenberg - Nobel Laureate

A new benchmark of natural,
earth-based PEMF technology!

Time to rethink Health and Wellness!

Electromagnetic energy is one of the Four Fundamental Forces of Nature. It is the energy that gives us life and it is measurable in voltage. This voltage powers the biochemistry within the body... like a battery. PEMF works using the same physics as a generator. PEMF charges the cells to retain and restore your metabolic charge and therefore cellular efficiency. It offers safe and simple to use applicator technology... the iMRS Prime Exagon Series.
The iMRS Prime 6 Elements of Wellness
Swiss Engineering
German Technology
iMRS Prime System Components
The benchmark of natural, earth-based energy technology for personal wellbeing!
​Control Unit
  • Housing and pedestal in brushed aluminium, ROHS/REACH/IP20.
  • 10.2 “capacitive touch screen LCD-Display.
  • 2 earphone jacks (3.5).
  • 2 USB jacks.
  • One-Cord connection (20-pin) to Connector box.
  • LED-Power indication.
  • 2 built-in speakers.
  • NFC sensor.
Connector Box
  • Designed as the gateway between the iMRS prime control unit and the applicators/accessories.
  • Built-in microprocessor with multidirectional signalling.
  • 6 applicator jacks.
  • 2 Sensor jacks.
  • 2 USB jacks.
  • 2 integrated D/A-Converter allowing for two separate, individual applications with only 1 control unit.
  • Brushed aluminium housing for effective heat dissipation, ROHS/REACH/IP20.
​Exagon Applicators

“Exagon-Series” is the newest generation of PEMF applicators. Every applicator serves as a PEMF wave generator for the body. The new Exagon Series applicator family unifies all the essential properties of PEMF in one solution.

The systems are designed to last for years with multiple, daily applications!
The medical-grade honeycomb structure of the applicator’s fabric is breathable and easy to clean!

The German-engineered built-in copper coils are non-insulated to create the highest efficiency of the electromagnetic signal structure!

The newly designed “Optical Function Control” (OFC) guarantees constant monitoring of the functionality of each applicator and indicates malfunctioning with a red LED! It also displays the pre-programmed magnetic pole shifts using different colours (Blue and Green) during an application!

Every Exagon applicator has built-in intelligence in order to ensure bilateral communication with the main processor of the iMRS prime control panel!

Far Infrared
The Whole Body Mat for the “holistic” PEMF experience!
  • 6 built-in, large copper coils, divided into three pairs with varying amounts of windings to control the applied field intensity over the entire body.
  • Triple Sawtooth Waveform for the highest efficiency and multiple harmonic wave generation.
  • Foldable into 3 segments
  • Built-In Operating Function Control.
  • Medical-Grade Click-Plug and mat surface.
xagon FIR
The world’s first flexible Hybrid-Applicator! PEMF Far Infrared Simultaneously!

The Exagon FIR represents the most advanced, holistic PEMF applicator-technology to date. It is equipped with an additional insulating layer composed of a carbon fibre wire mesh. The carbon fibre is controlled by the iMRS prime operating panel to create a controlled exposure and temperature of the far-infrared wavelengths... roughly between 3 and 14 Microns. The Exagon FIR technology together with the iMRS Prime PEMF applicator opens a new horizon in the combined application of low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic waves (PEMF and Far Infrared (FIR) simultaneously).

The personal experience is one of a kind; it feels like you're floating on air!

Exagon Pad
Local applicator to apply on general body areas!
  • 2 built-in, solid copper coils to evenly control the applied field intensity over the entire surface.
  • Square Wave for highest efficiency of locally applied PEMF.
  • Built-In Operating Function Control.
  • Medical-Grade Click-Plug.
Exagon Spot
The focused applicator to apply on specific body areas!
  • Newly designed and flexible applicator for punctual usage and to utilise the “Helmholtz-Effect”!
  • 1 built-in, rock-solid copper coil in each segment (2 in total) to flexibly control the applied field intensity over the particular surface.
  • Square Wave for highest efficiency of locally applied PEMF with Helmholtz-Effect.
  • Built-In Operating Function Control.
  • Medical-Grade Click-Plug.
Exagon Sense
The Spa for Your Brain!
  • Newly designed Goggles with 12 built-in LEDs on each side. Housing is completely darkened for optimal performance, incl. 2 separately delivered earphones, perfectly shaped for a pleasant experience.
  • Photic, chromatic and audible Brainwave entrainment combined in one single system
  • Elastic band for easy adjustment.
  • USB–Plug.
Exagon Sense
Monitor – Analyse – Evaluate!
  • Bifunctional photoplethysmografy sensor, medical-grade.
  • Designed to detect blood volume changes in
    the microvascular bed of tissue.
  • SpO2 and HRV evaluation.
  • Dynamic intensity adjustment during a PEMF application.
  • Medical-Grade Click-Plug