Cheap PEMF Devices – Unmasking the Deception

Cheap PEMF Devices – Unmasking the Deception

All the time, I’m asked why the systems I sell are so expensive compared to others on the market. It’s common and a very good question. The Swiss Bionic Solutions range of PEMF machines that I distribute are actually priced in the middle range compared to the whole spectrum of systems available in the market for home of professional use. There are small portable units of various descriptions starting from several hundred dollars up to systems that can cost over a hundred thousand dollars. The most expensivePEMF systemstend to be high intensity systems, which I advise people wanting to use PEMF on a daily basis to strictly avoid.

On the other hand, I also emphatically stress that people avoid the lower end of the scale in regard to price, especially with the mat PEMF devices that purport to do a little bit of everything. I’m talking about whole body mats that can range from USD $300 to $2,000 with one or more of the following:PEMF, far infrared, negative ions, photon /red light therapy, negative ions, crystals, natural gemstones, functional layering and certified semiprecious stones or rocks as I like to call them.

Let’s have a look.

1. Cost

First of all, to address the proverbial Bottom Line, you can go to and purchase one of these same systems as a sample from the Chinese manufacturer for FIVE to SEVEN times the cost savings, if you want to throw your money away to someone. Literally, you can purchase a system selling for USD $2,000 for aroundUSD $250 plus shipping. You can also find review websites with wonderful testimonies and high ratings, but they’re just part of the deception by the manufacturers or distributors. Just like anything that’s doing some good out there, which genuine PEMF does, there are those who want to cash in and take advantage of vulnerable people. People with chronic or serious health issues can be very vulnerable and susceptible to false or misleading advertising and what are simply counterfeit products. Also, 500% to 1000 % profit margin is ridiculous in my opinion.

Cheap PEMF Devices


When the mats are dissected and opened you find a number of cheap AM radio ferrite rod coils. This has been verified on video with an experienced professional with scientific measuring equipment like a spectrometer, oscilloscope and frequency spectrum analyzer. Here are a few reasons why an AM radio ferrite rod coil is not suitable for PEMF therapy:

  1. Limited Frequency Range: AM radio ferrite rod coils are designed for radio frequencies in the kilohertz range, which is a much higher frequency range. PEMF devices operate in a much lower frequency range.The therapeutic effects associated with low frequencies are not achievable using a radio coil.
  2. Uncontrolled Magnetic Field: AM radio coils are not optimized for generating controlled and therapeutic magnetic fields. PEMF devices use specific coil designs (flat copper coils) and configurations to produce precise magnetic fields with controlled intensity and waveform.
  3. Safety Concerns: Without proper design and control, using a ferrite rod coil may lead to uncontrolled electromagnetic fields, potentially causing safety concerns or unintended side effects.

The second thing found is that there is no signal generator, which is needed to generate and control specific waveforms. All they do to generate their so-called PEMF is to pulse on and off the mains power of either 50 hertz or 60 hertz dirty electricity from the power point. Bottom line, you are not getting anything close to therapeutic electromagnetic waves. You are also exposing yourself to dirty electricity, which can have negative effects on the body.

Cheap PEMF Devices

Far Infrared

The mat actually does produce heat, but it’s basically an electric blanket, which again, is using dirty electricity to generate the heat. It’s simply an expensive electric blanket!

Red Light Therapy

When the photon or red light therapy outputs are precisely measured on these cheap systems, the radiance or strength of the red light output is so low that it’s equivalent or no better than Christmas tree LED lights.These lights are approximately ten times below the minimum recommended level for red light therapy to achieve therapeutic effects. Plus, the density or how close the lights are spaced together is very sparse. Quality red light panels can have up to hundreds or LED lights. A redlight panel of comparable size to the size of one of the cheap mats can have 500 to 600 LED lights radiating far more radiance while the mats have around 30 to 60 LED lights generating far less light. Get the picture?

Cheap PEMF Devices

Negative Ions

This one is very short. These systems do not generate much or any negative ions at all. It will cost you $50 to $100 on Amazon, but you can purchase a negative ion meter and test it yourself. Completely false statement.

Bottom Line

In summary, and you all know this, you get what you pay for with PEMF devices along with everything else. With these kinds of systems, you’re not getting any real PEMF therapy, they are just amplifying the dirty electrical signals from your power company at different repetition rates. The negative ion generation is non-existent along with the red light therapy. Bottom line, which I feel is the most looked at parameter for those on a budget, you can also purchase them direct from the manufacture for five to ten times less money.