PEMF Therapy For Athletes

How PEMF improves sports performance

Athletes can be very superstitious creatures. Many have ‘rituals’ or repeat things they do or wear, which they believe will improve their performance or the outcome of an event. As one thinks, so it is to a degree. Therein lies the placebo effect. If you think something will make you improve, it can… and will to the degree of the belief. The placebo effect is real and demonstrable in studies. That’s why there are double-blind studies with humans to take the placebo effect out of the equation. Neither the subjects or the staff administering the research know who is receiving the real or the placebo treatment.

Teams on the Tour de France use PEMF along with Roger Federer,

the National Football League (NFL) players, the National Basketball Association (NBA) players, the US Swimming Team, Major League Baseball players and Hockey players just to name a few.

  • PEMF therapy may be beneficial for renewing energy.
  • PEMF therapy may be beneficial for improving the condition of the muscles and joints.
  • PEMF therapy may be beneficial for improving the condition of tissues and blood flow.
  • PEMF therapy may be thought of as a natural method of improving mental clarity by some coaches.

The use of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy

has become very prevalent in professional sports. Some professional athletes in many sports in North America and Europe praise PEMF for improved performance and injury or workout recovery. Far more don’t talk about PEMF, as it gives an additional advantage they’re not willing to share with their competitors. It’s absolutely legal. No physical substance is introduced into the body… only magnetic waves. The same natural magnetic waves emanating from the earth and also from the Schuman resonances generated by millions of lightning strikes every day.

One of the best methods to make an automobile engine perform better is to turbocharge it. Essentially, more oxygen is forced into the engine. More oxygen equals a hotter fire, thus more energy or power.

The effects of a pulsed electromagnetic field on red blood cells are well documented.

This is an image of red blood cells using dark field microscopy showing living red blood cells before a PEMF treatment.

The picture to the right shows what is commonly called sticky blood, blood sludge or the Rouleaux effect/formation. Red blood cells stuck together like this is routinely found in both healthy and unhealthy individuals. There is also no consistency or recognised patterns of ‘stickiness’ from day to day.

The red blood cells have lost the necessary threshold potential charge to keep the cells separated. Each cell is like a battery with a positive inner and a negative outer charge on the cell membrane. If the outer cell membrane doesn’t have a high enough charge, then the cells will stick together as seen in the picture. Like charges repel each other, but if the charge isn’t at or above the necessary threshold, they will stick together.

InTechOpen published a study in 2012 by the Department of Physics, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, which showed that just two red blood cells stuck together reduce cellular efficiency by 71%. and eight cells stuck together reduce it by 50%. That’s a half reduction of not only oxygen intake but also water and nutrient absorption along with carbon dioxide and toxin elimination.

This is a picture of red blood cells eight minutes after a PEMF treatment

The red blood cells begin to separate after only a couple of minutes once they reach the threshold charge potential. The effect will last up to twelve or fourteen hours, sometimes more… sometimes less. It depends on lifestyle and individual variables.

Your red blood cells were designed to deliver, feed and supply the body and at the same time get rid of wastes. In order to do this most efficiently, the red blood cells need to have the greatest amount of surface area possible. Maximum efficiency of the blood cells is achieved when all the surface area of the cell is free to perform its functions.

The other important factor is that the red blood cells need to get to every part of the body. If they’re stuck together in large clusters, then they’re not able to pass through the tiny capillaries within the circulatory system. Capillaries comprise 71% to 74% of the whole circulatory system. The capillaries connect the branches of arteries to the branches of veins. More importantly, they surround the body’s cells to deliver oxygen, water and nutrients from the blood to the tissues while carrying away the toxins. If all the blood vessels of the body were stretched out in a line, it would be long enough to circle the earth three times.

PEMF may provide some athletes with some benefits when used before and after any event.

  • PEMF may aid in the oxygenation of the blood, which serves to improve performance and endurance
  • PEMF may improve blood flow and cell membrane permeability, which helps tissues get the nutrition and oxygen they need while aiding in detoxification
  • PEMF may be involved with stimulating the process of energy production and helps cells increase energy through more ATP production
  • PEMF helps eliminate toxins and lactic acid faster, which helps reduce soreness, muscle spasms, cramping and the breakdown of tissues after exercise
  • PEMF may be able to penetrate deep into the body to reach all tissues and cells
  • PEMF may reduce inflammation leading to faster recovery

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