With a body of scientific evidence to support the efficacy of PEMF, both vets and pet owners are increasingly seeking out PEMF for animals. Safe and non-invasive, PEMF for pets can treat an array of pathologies.

proven results

Proven Results

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Easy to Use



The Benefits of PEMF for Pets

Just as PEMF has benefits for humans, it can also improve an animal’s quality of life. PEMF therapy can aid cats, dogs and other pets who suffer from health conditions. Many pet owners have used PEMF for their pet’s chronic pain, arthritis, injuries and fractures, as well as neurological conditions.
The body has an electrical charge that is depleted in animals with health issues, the same as it is with humans. Such low voltage is caused by injury, age or illness. However, low intensity pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) recharge the cells. It’s much like recharging a battery.
PEMF therapy naturally promotes healing in pets by optimising their body’s natural frequency. Best of all, it is safe and non-invasive with no negative risks or side effects. Increased circulation, oxygenation and cellular regeneration helps the pet heal quickly.

5 Key Benefits of PEMF

Pain Treatment


PEMF treatment - Faster bone healing


Faster wound healing


PEMF Treatment - Enhanced Wellbeing



How PEMF Works for Pets

It’s not just cats and dogs that benefit from pulsed electromagnetic fields. PEMF therapy is safe and effective for all animals, and can be used to treat almost any condition that causes pain or discomfort.

If you are involved in horse racing, chances are that you have already heard of PEMF therapy. Used extensively in the horse racing industry, PEMF has long been recognised for its benefits in helping to heal injuries and reduce downtime in the sport..

By increasing the metabolism, oxygenation and cellular voltage, PEMF improves the overall efficiency of individual cells. Thus, healing and

regeneration can be accelerated in animals that have had injury, infection, or a degenerative condition. PEMF for pets can help animals with arthritis, wounds, cancers, circulatory problems, fractures, spinal problems, hip dysplasia, neurological disorders, skin problems, diabetes, osteoarthritis, gut health, trauma and anxiety.

Animals seem naturally attracted to PEMF. Often enough, people with a PEMF system are surprised by how their cat or dog climbs onto the PEMF mat.

“My twelve year old cat was suffering from osteoarthritis. Although I had been treating her with fish oil and acupuncture, her symptoms were persistent even after treatment. I decided to try her on our iMRS PEMF system for 10 minutes at 25% intensity. And over the next two weeks, we repeated the sessions every evening. The improvement has been substantial. My cat is much more active and friendly. She is obviously feeling less discomfort and regained some of her mobility.”

~ Doreen from Melbourne, Australia

“The majority of dogs (with osteoarthritis) improved with respect to their lameness and pain, and the benefits lasted without use of anti-inflammatory drugs.”

Study of PEMF, IVIS European Society of Veterinary Orthopaedics and Traumatology Congress, 2010.

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