It is estimated that 60% of the population have trouble falling asleep. With the use of PEMF therapy, some people experience an improvement in the quality of their sleep. Feeling rejuvenated and less groggy in the morning is just one benefit of a great night’s sleep. It’s like they’ve already had a cup of coffee!

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The Benefits of PEMF for Sleep

PEMF therapy can be used to alter disruptive sleep patterns. While pulsed electromagnetic fields can be used to repair damaged cells, they can also be used to improve circulation, relax the mind and sleep quality. 

Research has shown that pulsing magnetic fields (especially the Schumann and geomagnetic frequency) may stimulate the production of Melatonin in the pineal gland. Melatonin is one of the most important hormones for sleep and anti-aging.

PEMF therapy may also help with the production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) in the pituitary gland. HGH is another vitally important hormone for sleep, rejuvenation and longevity.

The study demonstrated a significant improvement in sleep amongst participants with insomnia that used PEMF. 70% of those that used PEMF experienced a Great Improvement in Sleep versus participants with insomnia that used a placebo (2%).

5 Key Benefits of PEMF

Pain Treatment


PEMF treatment - Faster bone healing


Faster wound healing


PEMF Treatment - Enhanced Wellbeing



How PEMF Works for Sleep

A PEMF therapy mat with a built-in biorhythm clock will have a night-time setting with theta-delta frequencies that may help induce the brain with the commonly known frequencies for sleep and deep relaxation (delta and theta frequencies are around .5-7 Hz).

These pulsating magnetic frequencies at the lower theta and delta frequencies may assist the mind and body to have a deep and rejuvenating night's rest. Low frequency waves mimic the brain’s frequency during deep sleep, the most essential rest cycle for feeling rested and staying healthy.

PEMF therapy is further enhanced by brainentrainment, which uses specific stimuli to sync with brain waves. These audio and visual patterns can help with a variety of health conditions, including sleeping disorders. This is because brain waves play a significant role in a person’s ability to fall asleep, as well as their overall sleep quality.

Imbalances in the body can also cause insomnia and sleep disturbances. By correcting misfired frequencies, pulsed magnetic fields can help the body to heal and reset the brain to encourage deep, rejuvenating sleep.

With over 80 different sleep disorders, finding a treatment that is effective for individual patients can be a challenge. While prescription medicines, such as sleeping pills, may be effective for some people, other people may experience side effects or not get the intended relief.

When someone is not getting the optimal amount of sleep per night, it can lead to other health issues and impact your daily life. Getting the proper sleep is one of the most important factors to any kind of healing and recovery or for general maintenance of health.

PEMF therapy can be a great natural treatment option for a better quality, full-cycle sleep.

“In a 4-week double-blind study, seventy percent of participants given PEMF treatment experienced substantial or even complete relief from sleep complaints, such as sleep latency, interrupted sleep and nightmares. ”

(source: Pelka RB, Jaenicke C, Gruenwald J)

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