How Tony Robbins Uses PEMF: ‘Life Force’

How Tony Robbins Uses PEMF: Life Force | PEMF Therapy

Tony Robbins’ new book ‘Life Force’ is a runaway bestseller. It’s interesting that he uses the term ‘Life Force’ in the title of his new book, but only devotes a few pages to PEMF therapy. Life Force and PEMF you may ask?

“Not a day goes by when I don’t use my PEMF machines.”
Tony Robbins‘Life Force’

PEMF therapy enhances or increases the bioelectrical potential within your body. By the bioelectrical potential, I mean the bioelectrical charge or voltage of the body. This is measurable and is constantly present at varying levels for all of your life.

The bioelectrical charge disappears when you die and can no longer be measured. So, this ‘charge’ could be very close to being your life force, at least on the physical level.

Tony writes, “We lose some of the charge as we age.” This is where PEMF gains ground: “It restores our body to a peak level of energy.” Tony doesn’t go on to explain much about how this is achieved. It’s relatively easy to explain.

Here’s the basic principle of how PEMF works. If you pulse an electromagnetic field over a conductor, it induces an electrical current that has a charge. This is a law of physics. It is the same fundamental physical law used in generators to generate electricity.

With PEMF therapy, the body is the conductor. Microcurrents of bioelectrical charge are created that increase cellular voltage or the charge within each cell. With increased voltage, just like a fully charged battery, the cells work more efficiently.

PEMF literally increases the body’s energy, just as Tony Robbins says. Tony also points out that as we age, we tend to lose some of the charge.

In his book, ‘Healing is Voltage,’ Dr. Jerry Tennant states that kids have a higher voltage, which is approximately – 35 millivolts. That’s 25% higher than an adult. Healthy adults have an average voltage of – 25 millivolts. In principle, it takes more energy to build something than to maintain it, so for kids to grow they literally have more energy.

Dr. Tennant also states that all chronic disease or any injury has an associated low voltage. And like Tony Robbins, Dr. Tennant states, ‘As we age our voltage drops’, therefore, we have less energy as we grow older.

“PEMF boosts energy, concentration levels & improves sleep.”
Tony Robbins‘Life Force’

As a certified PEMF practitioner, I have treated thousands of people over the last five years. I have seen how PEMF machines help increase energy. And of course, there are other benefits to PEMF therapy such as pain and inflammation reduction and improved sleep.

PEMF devices literally recharge all of the body’s cells and tissues. Electromagnetic waves permeate every cell in the body. Nothing is more thorough than PEMF therapy for reaching every cell.

PEMF literally charges your bone marrow. Therefore, this therapy can address the overall lower voltage of the body or focus on specific areas that are problematic. In fact, PEMF therapy usually does both, providing you consistently treat the body over a period of time, as I have done personally.

It is now accepted in Western medicine that every cell in the body has an electrical charge or potential. It is also accepted that this ‘charge’ is essential for the natural and efficient physiological functioning of the body to achieve homeostatic balance or for the body to heal itself. Any inconsistencies in cellular voltage may be disruptive to maintaining a healthy state and may lead to disease.

Even if you have no health issues like Tony Robbins, ‘As you age, your body’s voltage decreases.’

In 2012, Dr. Richard Nuccitelli (M.S. Physics, Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, M.S. in Biophysics, Ph.D. in Biological Sciences and Biophysics) created a non-invasive device (Dermacorder) that allows human injury currents to be closely monitored.

Dr. Nuccitelli discovered that a significant spike of current is created around an injury. This current peaks at the time of injury, then it wanes as the wound begins to heal over time. The spike in voltage returns to being undetectable when the healing is complete. There is no longer any detectable current above the normal baseline voltage of the body.

In addition, Dr, Nuccitelli found that people whose injury current was relatively weak in significance healed more slowly than people whose injury current was higher. Even more striking, he discovered that a wound’s initial current strength declines with age. It emits a signal strength that is half as strong in people over sixty-five compared to people under twenty-five.

This has led to a surge of interest in finding ways to increase the body’s natural electrical potential. This method could potentially accelerate or improve wound healing. Increasing electrical potential could address many other biological imbalances that are also associated with having a low voltage.

PEMF therapy has been shown to increase cellular voltage and to also increase the body’s bioelectrical cellular communication processes. In Tony Robbins’ book, ‘Life Force,’ there are many pages devoted to leading-edge research that suggests that the decline of cellular communication is an important factor in aging.

Other researchers are also finding that poor cellular communication may be a significant factor in some major diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. PEMF therapy is FDA approved in the USA for one form of brain cancer, which of course speaks to the efficacy of PEMF as a treatment.

When unresponsive to pharmaceuticals, PEMF is also FDA approved for depression and anxiety. So too are bone fractures that otherwise won’t heal and incontinence. With so many different types of disorders covered by PEMF, one could surmise that they all have something in common. Maybe they all simply have a low voltage.

If you had seen what I have after five years of personally using PEMF and treating thousands of people, then you would immediately go out and purchase a system for yourself and your family. Then, use it every day for the rest of your life. Just like Tony Robbins.

It just makes common sense. Take a half-hour out of the day to keep you and your family ‘charged’ as preventive maintenance. A gram of prevention is worth a kilogram of cure (I made it metric) – Benjamin Franklin.