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Pets tend to gravitate towards the pulsed magnetic fields used by their owners looking for a safe natural therapy for their pets. It is not uncommon to hear from patients that their dog or cat came to sit with them while they were doing a treatment using a PEMF device. Very often patients notice an improvement in their pet fairly quickly.

'My twelve-year-old cat was suffering from osteoarthritis and though I had been treating her with Fish Oil and acupuncture sessions her symptoms were persistent even after treatment. She was very grumpy and did not like being touched on her back. I decided to try her on our IMRS. I set up the pad with a heater in front of it to make her comfortable. I ran the IMRS for 10 minutes at 25 intensity. My cat lay on the pad comfortably and she stayed for the full 10 minutes. Over the next two weeks, we gave her IMRS sessions every evening. When she saw the IMRS pad set up she would walk over and sit on it as if in anticipation of the coming treatment. After her third treatment she started getting up after five minutes and walking off giving me the impression that she had enough. I noticed that after those first three sessions she had improved significantly. She was more active and the sensitivity on her back was reduced. Over the last couple of months, the improvement has been substantial. My cat is much more active and friendlier. She is obviously feeling less discomfort and gained back some of her mobility. I am really grateful that I found IMRS it has made an immeasurable difference to the health and wellbeing of my family.'
~ Doreen - Melbourne, Australia 22/08/2018

Animals’ metabolic rates are much higher than humans and therefore they respond to PEMF therapy treatments quicker. There are a variety of different conditions in animals that can be treated with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. PEMFs are often preferable to treatment with medications or may be able to be used in conjunction with medications as a natural therapy adjunct. As with humans, pulsed magnetic field therapies can be used for almost any condition due to the very fundamental nature of pulsed magnetic fields on all biology.

Pulsed electromagnetic waves penetrate every cell in the body. Common magnets that produced a continuous (static) magnetic field, laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, near / far infrared and TENS only penetrate the body so far… they cannot reach every cell in your body like pulsed magnetic waves – therefore every tissue is treated with the benefits. PEMF’s increase metabolism, oxygenation and cellular voltage… therefore overall cellular efficiency in all the individual cells. Thus, animals are often able to dramatically improve their healing and regeneration, whether from injury, surgery, infection or other conditions.

The conditions that are very responsive to PEMFs therapies in animals include arthritis, injuries, wounds, cancers, circulatory problems, fractures, spinal cord problems, seizure disorders, skin disorders, ageing, diabetes complications and many more. Animals can also benefit from lifetime health maintenance using PEMF daily. Most people tend to look at acquiring PEMFs only when a problem shows up. Regular health maintenance treatments can optimize the level of health in the physiology of the animal. This could result in decreased costs with veterinary bills, medications, special diets and physical therapies. In general, PEMF can be used to speed healing, reduce inflammation, and lower pain levels.

For any kind of orthopaedic injury or surgery PEMF Therapy is a proven modality to use in the recovery stage. Any illness that produces inflammation may be successfully treated with PEMF. Numerous cases of animals with arthritis treated with PEMF have shown the animals getting their quality of life back, running, playing and jumping after not having felt well for years.

PEMF therapy can be used in both acute and chronic conditions. For chronic conditions such as arthritis, it often takes a week or two for results to show. For many animals, it replaces pain medication as a long-term treatment. There are numerous conditions that our pets suffer from that can be helped through the application of pulsed electromagnetic fields. Among them are the pain and discomfort from orthopaedic conditions; spinal and hip, sore paws, skin allergies, digestive problems, surgical wounds, traumatic injury and nervous tension. Healing is expedited by as much as 40% with PEMF. Recovery from spaying and other surgeries along with internal or external injuries is also advanced.

PEMF therapy can benefit all animals and has been observed to improve the symptoms of the following conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Degenerative Joint Disease
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Post-Surgical Recovery
  • Skin/Coat Problems
  • Immunity Strength
  • Anxiety
  • Bone and Wound Mending
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Seizure Disorders
  • Ulcers
  • Lick Granuloma
European Society of Veterinary Orthopaedics & Traumatology Congress 2010

In 2010, researchers at the University of Bologna in Italy released the results of their study on the effect of PEMF therapy on dogs with osteoarthritis.

Here are the details:

The study included 18 dogs of different breeds that had experienced lameness for at least four weeks and that had a radiographic diagnosis of osteoarthritis in one or more of their joints.

Dogs underwent PEMF treatment during which they were laid down on a pulsated magnetic field mat for 10 minutes after which a small pad was applied to their affected joint for eight minutes. Treatments were at least three times a week for a total of 20 sessions. While participating in the study none of the dogs were given any anti-inflammatory drugs. For each of the dogs, researchers evaluated lameness, pain on manipulation and palpation, and range of motion at the beginning of the study, after the 10th treatment and after the 20th treatment. In addition, radiographic assessments were completed before the first session and after the 20th and owners completed questionnaires to assess their dog’s chronic pain and its impact on their health-related quality of life as related to behavioural change as well as share how satisfied they were with the PEMF therapy. Researchers followed up with the dogs four months and 12 months after the initial study with clinical and radiographic assessments as well as questionnaires for the owners.

The results:

Researchers reported that, at just half therapy, a majority of the dogs in the study improved with PEMF treatment with respect to their baseline lameness and pain values. What’s more, these benefits lasted without the use of any anti-inflammatory drugs.

  • After the first session, 77.8 per cent of the dogs had pain on manipulation of the joint.
  • After the 10th session, only 14.3 per cent of the dogs had any pain on manipulation of the joint; 85 per cent of dogs had improved at least one grade.
  • After the 20th session, only 9.5 per cent of the dogs had pain on manipulation; 90 per cent had improved at least one grade.
  • Four months after treatment all 18 dogs had maintained the benefits reported after the 20th session.
  • 12 months after treatment, 11 dogs were examined and two showed lameness and pain.
  • Finally, 45 per cent of the dog owners reported improvement in vitality, appetite and lameness after the fifth treatment.

While researchers did not see any noticeable decrease in signs of osteoarthritis in scans as they’d expected at the start of the study, they believe that the 20 sessions the dogs underwent were just not a sufficient enough time to show any x-ray changes to their bones and cartilage. They also cited a 2008 study of the effect of PEMF treatment on Guinea Pigs that showed PEMF slowed the development of osteoarthritic lesions in study participants.

"In conclusion, PEMF is a non-invasive remedy, lacking in any adverse effects, easy to employ, and useful for controlling pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis," researchers reported.

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